Destalo Vinho Verde White Wine DOC

Denomination: DOC

Region: Vinhos Verdes

Produced and bottling by: Destalo

Packing: Bottle 75cl, Carton box 6

Alc Level: 12,5%

Serving temperature: 8°/10°C

Tasting Notes: This pale greenish wine has strong citrine notes and is characterized by prominent orange and apricot aromas. On the palate, it has a noteworthy level of acidity, a full body, and a refreshing liveliness. The wine has a distinctive minerality that makes for an exciting finish.

Production Technology: After a careful selection of one of the most typical grape varieties in the region, the grapes were harvested and vinified using winemaking of the most modern technology

Service Suggestion: This wine pairs well with well-seasoned fish dishes and white or game meats, thanks to its unique characteristics.

7.00 €