Pacto White Wine Douro DOC 2018 DOC

Douro DOC

Quinta Vale do Olmo estate is situated at the Douro Wine Region and has been part of the Carvalho Martins family for more than 4 generations, where the vineyards are planted in schist soils at 550 meters of altitude in the region of Mêda (Douro Superior).

Grape variety: Rabigato, Viosinho and Gouveio

Contents: 75 cl

Method: Traditional

Producer: Carvalho Martins

Alc Level: 13%

Year: 2018

Tasting Notes:

This wine boasts a deep yellow hue, with a prominent aroma profile of ripe fruit, grapefruit, and the minerality unique to Douro blends. On the palate, it has a sturdy structure and a prominent acidity that beautifully balances the wine. The finish is long-lasting, leaving behind a crisp burst of citrus and a well-balanced acidity.

 Best served at 8Cº-10Cº temperature.


8.50 €