Pacto Witte Wijn Douro DOC 2018 DOC

Denominatie: DOC

Regio: Douro Superior

Geproduceerd en gebotteld: Carvalho Martins

Inpakken: Bottle 75cl, Carton box 6

Druiven: Rabigato en Códega-do-Larinho,

Alc. Niveau: 13,0%

Serveertemperatuur: 9°C

Proefnotities: De wijn drukt het opvallende karakter van de Rabigato-variëteit uit, toont de charme van de Douro Superior en verwezenlijkt de droom van een kleine wijnmaker en zijn gezin.

Denominatie: Douro DOC

Grape variety: Rabigato, Viosinho and Gouveio

Contents: 75 cl

Method: Traditional

Producer: Carvalho Martins

Alc Level: 13%

Year: 2018

Tasting Notes:

This wine has a distinctive deep yellow color. The nose is intense with aromas of ripe fruit, grapefruit and a minerality typical of this Douro blend.

On the palate the wine has excellent structure and a marked acidity, which balances very well the wine. The end is long with citrus notes revealing a marked and balanced acidity. Best served at 8Cº-10Cº temperature.

Quinta Vale do Olmo estate is situated at the Douro Wine Region and has been part of the Carvalho Martins family for more than 4 generations, where the vineyards are planted in schist soils at 550 meters of altitude in the region of Mêda (Douro Superior). 

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