Quinta dos Lagares Wine Rose Marufo 2018 DOC

Denomination: DOC Douro

Region: Douro Superior

Produced and bottled by: Quinta dos Lagares

Grapes: Marufo (Mourisco)

Alc. level: 13.3%

Serving temperature: 10 - 12ºC

Packing: Bottle 75cl, Carton box 6 

Tasting Notes: The Monovarietal de Marufo is a Mourisco red wine made from grapes grown on old vines. The grapes are carefully selected, and half of the wine is aged in used French oak barrels. The wine has a delicate, pale color and an aroma that combines the freshness of citrus with the exotic fragrance of pomegranate and rose petals. Despite its full-bodied character, the wine is surprisingly light on the palate, with the high alcohol content well-masked by the wine's finesse and freshness. This beautiful rosé is unique and personalized, making it a truly special experience.

10.50 €