Laatste nieuws!

About our very successful event on the 22th of May in Leiden! There is nothing better than sharing the best gastronomic flavors with so many smiles.

On the 2nd of April, we had the pleasure of being present at a social event at the Watervrienden Club in Valkenswaard.
The sharing was wonderful and the tasting of the wines with flavors even better!

We want to dazzle you with our new flavors, so, once got back from Portugal - where we were looking for small producers - we started to organize our next wine presentation event:the Douro Wine Tasting Night!

This is a city known worldwide for its wine, for its bridges, for its ancient and contemporary architecture, for its historical center and, of course, for the fantastic variety and unique gastronomy.

Deeply marked by the Douro River, and its tributaries - Côa, Sabor and Tua -, the territory presents in its natural and cultural heritage a full development resource. The biggest "assets" of the Douro Superior are the Alto Douro Wine Region and the Rock Art Sites of Vale do Côa, in the Vale do Côa Archaeological Park, both classified as...

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